Directors and Officers

The evolution and intensification of the legal environment all companies operate under today requires comprehensive protection for their executive officers and board members. Berkley Professional provides security for corporate entities by way of indemnification as well as protection for individual directors and officers when corporate indemnification is not available, whether due to insolvency or legal prohibition. Our seasoned team of claims and underwriting professionals are committed to providing superior insurance solutions to our brokers and insureds.

Employment Practice Liability

Employment practice claims disrupt businesses of all sizes and industry classes. Berkley Professional’s solutions cover claims arising out of wrongful employment acts and help companies mitigate risk from the ever changing business environment.

Fiduciary Liability

The legislation and litigation affecting the fiduciary responsibilities of a company providing a 401(k), pension or welfare plan are undergoing perpetual change. Berkley Professional’s fiduciary liability coverage protects against the personal liability imposed upon directors, officers and employees who oversee pension and benefit plans such as sponsors and plan administrators.